eventrix is a web based event management software developed for event specialists and event management companies. eventrix will put you in control of your events while guiding you through the whole project, creating RFP’s, PO’s, event flow plans and many more. It’s easy to use, it’s modular, it’s flexible. It is the right choice for those who are looking for an end-to-end event planning solution.

30-day risk FREE trial, no credit card required, no long-term contracts.
eventrix starts at only 21 USD/month.

Easy handling

Most systems make the complex administrational tasks of event planning even more complicated and generate extra tasks. The principle of eventrix is to simplify organizational tasks. One step in the software allows you to solve several issues at the same time and generates numerous useful data for analysis.


Each piece of data uploaded for the projects create a database for analysis. They also help creating several documents with one keystroke.

Clear structure

The system follows the organizational timeline and follows the same logical thread so it constantly keeps track of the organizational process with and instead of the event planner.

Teamwork concept

The software is developed for teamwork. Team members may be assigned proportionally to each project and they will be notified about the current status and all modifications in the project.

Administering finances

With the help of the finance module you can easily register your incoming and outgoing invoices.

Immediate usage

No software installation. It works on any computer; all you need is internet connection and a browser software. No need for IT staff. No software updates – the online software always works with the latest updates.

Data security, accessibility

Eventrix operates on our highly reliable servers in a secured and closed server room. Data are stored redundantly and are daily saved.

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